AISLTD provides the right solution to simplify and reduce expenditures relating to any amount or items ordering and procurement services. AISLTD works with supplying products from Europe, USA, China, Japan and India. AISLTD services will allow you to reduce the purchasing, transport and import costs, while simplifying the procurement process.Usually the procurement products from the overseas is characterized by extremes: High transaction volume, High Labour cost per transaction, large supply base, low transaction values, low service levels and low inventory turns. We access customer needs regarding product quality, prices, punctuality and safety of delivery to further enhance customer satisfaction. Using superior buying power to negotiate with their suppliers, AISLTD clients specific needs are satisfied at the lowest possible prices and at the best terms. AISLTD has created a range of services to support your purchasing department with any procurement.s.

This includes:

  • Decrease in number of supply contact
  • Reduction of inventory and Material Costs Purchasing, Accounting Freight, Transport and Import Costs
  • More competative pricing